With spooky season around the corner, our Presby Kids are sure to be excited about all the treats coming their way. But how can we, as parents, keep added sugar out of their diets? A highly rated book on this topic is Sugarproof, The Hidden Dangers of Sugar That Are Putting Your Child’s Health at Risk by Dr. Michael I. Goran, Professor of Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.
The first part of the book explains the various types of sugars and sweeteners and the effects they have on growing bodies, moods and minds. The second part of the book offers helpful strategies to sugarproof your child and family to reduce sugar intake to a healthy level. The last section of the book gives simple recipes, healthy swaps and tips. For more info, visit https://www.sugarproofkids.com or follow Sugarproofkids on Instagram.
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