We’re pleased to offer an all-new Referral Program to current Presby families.
If a Presby family brings in a new family, the referring Presby family receives a 10% discount on their total tuition for the year.

  • This goes into effect when the new family joins, it is not retroactive. i.e. If a new family joins in the middle of the ’23-’24 school year, the 10% discount would be applied to the referring family’s remaining tuition balance.
  • If the new family joins over the summer, the Tuition discount is applied to the upcoming ’23-’24 school year.
  • This program does not operate in perpetuity. The tuition discount is only applied to the school year during which the new student joins Presby.
  • Should the referral leave Presby prior to the ’23-’24 school year ending, the discount agreement becomes null, and void and the referring family is expected to pay full tuition costs for their remainder of the school year.
  • If you’re a church member who receives 10% off tuition, or a family that receives 10% off of a sibling’s tuition, those discounts are taken first, and then this 10% discount will be applied to your tuition balance after those existing discounts are applied.
  • If a Presby family that graduated in May 2023 brings us a new family prior to September 2023, the Presby alumni will get a check reimbursement equal to 10% of the tuition they paid in the ’22-’23 school year.

If you’d like to refer someone, you must fill out the form, found HERE.
Please visit the main office for an updated Tuition statement.